VIP Partners

NADO is excited to launch our NADO VIP Card and thank you to the local businesses who have kindly agreed to partner with NADO to help build a stronger relationship between NADO and local businesses. By doing this, you are helping NADO strengthen the bond between people with disabilities and their communities.

NADO’s VIP Card is a benefit for all NADO Staff, Clients and Volunteers.

Please CLICK HERE for Terms and Condition for use of card.



NADO’s vision is to inspire leadership and positive futures for people with a disability in partnership with the community.

We pride ourselves on being a local organisation, with local knowledge and local connections within our community, whilst maintaining a very global view on the rights of people with a disability.

As a member of the business community, you are an important part of this support network. By strengthening the relationships between NADO and local businesses, we strengthen the bond between people with disabilities and their communities. This actively promotes awareness of the rights, needs and abilities of people with a disability. Ultimately, this makes our community a positive, vibrant and connected place.

The NADO VIP Card will entitle card holders to special offers provided by our partners, such as discounts or special offers. Through your generosity, we would like to give our growing community at NADO of more than 500 local people additional benefits for their participation, voluntary efforts and hard work through this innovative loyalty card program. We hope you will be a participating partner by offering “a little extra” to a worthy organisation.

CLICK HERE for more information on becoming a NADO VIP Card Partner.

Interested in Becoming a NADO VIP Card Partner click on the NADO VIP Partner Brief and send your details back to Linda Wilson via Don’t forget to send your logo and some images.